Forage cereals

Bolt triticale

Bolt is a new variety from Plant Research Ltd’s doubled haploid cereal programme and is the only DH triticale available in NZ.

Bolt is a medium height, very uniform, medium maturing awned forage/grain triticale. BOLT has very long heads and thick, strong stems. It grows quickly from an autumn planting (see image below). To date, we have seen no agronomic weakness in relation to lodging or disease.

Bolt has good tolerance to stripe rust and to date, one spray has been sufficient to control this disease.

Growth of Bolt during the winter is faster than Doubletake.

Bolt is being targeted for use as a winter sown forage triticale that will grow faster than Doubletake triticale. PRL’s existing triticale variety Bullion has broken down to rust along with all other commercial triticale varieties grown in New Zealand. Bolt is not completely resistant but at present only requires one fungicide application.

Bolt grain has high ME values.

Grain yields of Bolt in Dunsandel last season from a winter planted, irrigated site were approximately 10 mt/ha.

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