Plant breeding

Plant Research’s core activity is plant breeding. We are active in a number of arable species including field peas, wheat, triticale, and oats. We utilise conventional plant breeding techniques augmented with tools such as state of the art molecular marker technology. Our wheat breeding programme utilises in-house double haploid technology using a maize system and we operate in both hemispheres to utilise two summers per year. In conjunction with glasshouse facilities and advanced molecular tools we can develop varieties rapidly.

Through collaborations and linkages internationally we are developing varieties that are being used internationally in food and feed applications. We develop field pea genetics jointly with Progene Plant Research LLC based in the Pacific North West of the USA. Our pea varieties dominate this market and have set new standards for quality, yield and lodging resistance.

We can develop varieties exclusively for specific markets and do this through a collaborative and jointly funded approach to variety development. Contact us if you wish to discuss your ideas in confidence.

The links to specific species contain details of our products, where they are being grown successfully and contacts for further information.

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