Testing services

Soil testing

Plant Research Ltd is committed to providing growers with inexpensive soil testing for root rot pathogens. We are producing high-performance varieties and support our genetics with a soil test to identify paddocks that may cause issues with root pathogens.

Aphanomyces root rot is a soil-borne pathogen that can devastate pea crops in NZ. We can test soil samples for the presence of this pathogen and provide you with a risk factor for growing peas in the sampled paddock. We also note any other potential risky root pathogens in your samples and provide advice on how these can be managed. Digital images of peas grown in your soil compared with a negative control soil are provided with the test results.

The test takes six weeks so is best done through the winter months so that the results are available well before spring planting.

View Soil sampling procedure and instructions (PDF 136kb)

Tests cost $85.00 + GST.

Germination testing

Plant Research offers an inexpensive quick germination test for peas and cereals for growers to check seed viability prior to planting. This test is designed to be used for a quick check of seed lines prior to making decisions on what seed lines to keep for planting.

Clearly labelled 1kg grain samples can be sent to Plant Research Ltd along with contact details (phone number, name, seed line/number and email address.

View Germination testing order form (PDF 334kb)

Tests cost $40+GST.

For further information email info@plantresearch.co.nz or phone Adrian Russell on 021 887 887.

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