About Plant Research

Plant Research (NZ) Ltd. was formed in 2000 when Managing Director Adrian Russell left the Crown Research Institute Crop & Food Research after a 24-year career as a Plant Breeder with the Institute to form Plant Research Ltd.

Since our inception, we have released successful field pea varieties in North America, Australia, New Zealand and more recently South America. In the Pacific Northwest region of the USA, Plant Research works with Progene LLC to deliver field pea genetics that dominates this region. Varieties such as Aragorn, Banner, Ariel and Cruiser were bred through this network and these varieties are recognised as the best genetics available.

Our mission

To deliver value and a competitive advantage to our clients across the value chain, through the development and commercialisation of new and innovative genetics.

Our vision

To breed and develop the best plant genetics possible through the use of cutting edge technology and breeding strategies. To deliver new varieties rapidly and cost-effectively using our global network.

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